Sandbridge Beach Vacation 2014

Hey everyone! I just got home from my wonderful Vacation in Sandbridge Beach, Virginia. I had the most amazing experience, and took lots of great pictures that I am going to share with everyone, and my family. My husband and I decided we wanted to go to the beach again for a vacation, and usually we go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina since there is so much advertising that makes that place seem great. What we did differently this year is we decided to go on vacation a little closer to Philadelphia, that way we didn’t have to sit in the car so long. So we found Virginia Beach, and almost booked a hotel before we found out about Sandbridge Beach.

Sandbridge Beach is AMAZING

As soon as I found out about Sandbridge nestled right at the bottom of Virginia Beach, I just fell in Love. This place is right in the middle of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, it is remote, and there are no hotels or annoying drunk people committing crimes all around like in the city of Myrtle Beach. There is wildlife, there is peace and quiet, and there is really nothing but beach, which is exactly what we wanted. A break from the typical Beach Vacation of a hotel, and an area overloaded with trash and tourists.

sandbridge sunrise

A sunrise from Sandbridge Beach


Sandbridge Vacation Rental Homes Are the Way to Go!

After browsing the various vacation rental and realty services for about a day, we decided to go with Beach Pros Realty as it is a smaller family owned and operated business that seemed to be focused on quality. If you are looking for a great vacation rental and realty business check out our Beach Pros Realty Review. Ditch the hotels and look into vacation rental homes! You will never be happier if you find the right property management company that takes care of the vacation homes, AND their customers at the same time.

Things we did on our vacation to Sandbridge Beach

Let me say that this vacation was much different than our other previous vacations to Nags head, and Myrtle Beach. We did do the normal things, like go to restaurants, and tourist stores, but what was so much different was, we actually got to explore the natural habitat of the area. At the south end of Sandbridge Beach, there is a national wildlife refuge called Back Bay. This palce has been untouched by time and humans. Just walking into it you feel like you’ve entered into a time warp of beautiful scenery and well natural habitat. The beaches are natural, the sand dunes are huge, and the wildlife is real! You could never find such an amazing place in myrtle beach staying your trendy little hotel room that smells like cigarettes.

Back Bay

I highly recommend if you are looking to go on vacation that you think about visiting Sandbridge Beach, and call the best vacation rental team: The Beach Pros! I will be updating this with pages containing pictures from our days in Sandbridge, and I cannot wait for the day that we return.



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